It all began with a corner store

Depanneur or dep is the name for convenience stores in Quebec and other French-speaking parts of Canada. The word derives the from the French verb d├ępanner, meaning "to help out of difficulty" or "to troubleshoot".

After living in Montreal and moving back to Denmark, we realised that Copenhagen needed a Depanneur. From the beginning the idea was to supply the neighbourhood with goods you would need on a regular basis: Coffee, beer, snacks, canned tomatoes, good vibes and good times.

Quickly Depanneur became a regular go-to place for necessities and eventually the concept of troubleshooting grew into a sortiment of goods created and curated by Depanneur.
The goods include coffee, beer, juice and wine, but is growing continuously and as randomly as the shelves in a convenience store. Latest project within the world of Depanneur is a deli that will open in the spring of 2018.

The idea is to stay curious and keep introducing new goods and new versions of Depanneurs.