Depanneur has collaborated with Claymen, a clay design studio in New Delhi, India founded by graphic artist and sculptor Aman Khanna, on a cup collection that is exclusively sold at Depanneur. Our series of cups are minimal and functional with three different colours to choose from. The ceramics have been made by hand, and thus they are a celebration of a style that lives at peace with its own little imperfections with a purpose to perform the task at hand. We met Aman Khanna on a journey to India in 2019. He is known for his original claymen figures inspired by everyday situations and dilemmas and it was that very same quirkiness combined with the underplayed, yet characteristic aesthetic that swept us away and had us pursue a collaboration.

The cups are half glazed and half unglazed and have been hand-pressed in the middle, not just to provide an additional grip aside from the handle, but to leave a permanent impression of human touch to remind us of the subjective value of human relationships.

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