Product line

Vino Rosato

Vino Rosato is a 100% organic rosé made from 100% Cerasuolo grapes in Abruzzo, Italy. It has flavour notes of cherry and is very light and semi-dry.


Vino Rosso

Organic red wine made with 100% Montepulciano grapes from Abruzzo, Italy. Flavours of dark cherry, chocolate and silky tannins.

Vino Bianco

Organic white wine, made from 100% Chardonnay. It is crisp and peachy wine with fresh acidity made in Abruzzo, Italy.


Our organic wine is produced in Abruzzo, Italy, using biodynamic practices and showing the expression of the rugged land in every bottle.

Other brands


Organic Dep Coffee Whole Beans

100% Organic dark roasted Arabica beans with a round, balanced flavour and tones of caramel. 

Organic Dep Coffee Ground

100% Organic medium roasted Arabica beans finely ground. This ground coffee is round, balanced and has tones of caramel.


Regular Dep Coffee Whole Beans

100% dark roasted Arabica beans with a round, balanced flavour and tones of chocolate & fruit.

Regular Dep Coffee Ground

100% medium roasted, Arabica beans finely ground with a round, balanced flavour and lasting taste.