Depanneur is a design driven convenience store, bagel bakery and beverage label with a love for neighbourhoods and eye-catching products.


Depanneur opened as a convenience store and bar in 2015 in Copenhagen. The “Dep” soon became a neighbourhood favourite amongst the community, known for it's good vibes and convenient existence. Ever since the opening, the aspiration has been to make our own products inspired by the charming randomness of the convenience store shelves. This idea has led to a catalogue of Depanneur beverage sub-brands within soda, beer, wine, coffee and juice, and a continued appetite to explore new categories of products in the future.


The catalogue of Depanneur brands are developed in collaboration with handpicked producers, all with an organic and local focus. We aim to keep prices as fair as possible, so people can enjoy the products on an everyday basis. Just like every product has it's own flavour and nature, we also develop unique brands and universes for each of them, we do so, because we think it’s more fun that way.


In addition to sub-brands, we also initiate special projects to explore the Depanneur universe. The projects are random and diverse, but always developed with passion and love. Projects is our playground and a way to explore new fields of interests and collaborate with others.


The full Depanneur vibe and brand catalogue is best experienced at the Depanneur convenience store and bagel bakery, at Rantzausgade 36 in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. The Depanneur brands are also able to be found in various locations throughout Scandinavia, just go to “Locations” to find our selected stockists.