Product line


Our organic Sicilian lemon soda Limonata is both balanced and acidic, making it refreshing and easy to drink.


Sportivo is our organic take on the classic Danish “sportsvand” consisting of light, refreshing citrus flavour with a semi-sweet after taste.


Chinotto is our organic bitter-orange flavoured soda, unique to Italy and made out of juice from the myrtle-leaved orange tree. It has an aromatic, bittersweet and herbal taste which is enhanced when served on ice with a garnish of lemon. 

Aranciata Rossa

Aranciata Rossa, our organic blood orange soda is noticed by its deep red colour. It has a strong acidic and aromatic taste which is both sweet and tart at the same time.


Aranciata our organic orange soda made in Sicily, is pleasant, crisp and refreshing with the smell of freshly squeezed oranges.


Depanneur Frizzante is our line of organic sodas, made in Sicily. All of the sodas are made using volcanic water from Mt. Etna and organic fruit from the sunniest parts of Sicily. All of the Frizzante line is produced using less sugar than your regular soda, whilst remaining rich and intriguing in flavour – there is no doubt you can taste the quality in every bottle.

Other brands


Organic Dep Coffee Whole Beans

100% Organic dark roasted Arabica beans with a round, balanced flavour and tones of caramel. 

Organic Dep Coffee Ground

100% Organic medium roasted Arabica beans finely ground. This ground coffee is round, balanced and has tones of caramel.


Regular Dep Coffee Whole Beans

100% dark roasted Arabica beans with a round, balanced flavour and tones of chocolate & fruit.

Regular Dep Coffee Ground

100% medium roasted, Arabica beans finely ground with a round, balanced flavour and lasting taste.