Product line

Organic Dep Orange Carrot Juice

60% organic orange juice & 40% organic carrot juice – Made in Denmark containing zero concentrate or added preservatives.

Organic Dep Orange Juice

100% orange juice made in Denmark and containing no concentrate or added preservatives.

Organic Dep Apple Juice

100% organic apple juice made in Denmark, containing zero concentrate or added preservatives

Organic Dep Beetroot, Ginger & Apple Juice

55% organic apple juice, 40% organic beetroot juice and 5% organic ginger – Made in Denmark and containing no concentrate or added preservatives. 


Depanneur juices are produced in Denmark in collaboration with a family-owned company which has been specializing in quality organic juices since 1974. The packaging is minimal and precise, just like the juices don’t contain any unnecessary ingredients – zero concentrate, sugar or added preservatives, just fruit juice.

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